Literature Review Paper

The final course paper requires you to identify a research topic, perform a brief literature review, and identify a research question. It is a final paper, but you should get an early start and ask your TA for comments on an early draft. The final paper must have the following sections:

  1. Introduction

Briefly provide some background/framing for your proposed research. In other words, this is a short description of your topic. (~200 words)

  1. Literature Review

Include a brief literature review that follows the guidance of the lecture on literature reviews – it is important that you do not simply list article summaries, but rather integrate them to frame the research question. Provide no fewer than five references of which four must be from scholarly sources (peer-reviewed articles, papers or books i.e. avoid web sites as references in almost all cases-check with a TA if you are unsure about a reference). (~500 words)

  1. Research Question

Identify a research question that makes sense given your topic and literature review. (<50 words)

  1. References

Use APA style for citations and references. (References not in word count)

**The paper must be written in narrative form with full sentences (avoid bullet points and listing), proper grammar and punctuation. The paper should be about 850 words in length (excluding references), double-spaced with 12 pt. font size (Times Roman preferred), and 1-inch margins all around. You must have page numbers and please put your name and student ID number on the first page of the paper.

I already chose a topic and picked 3 sources which I will list below. So you only need to find 2 more sources. Thank you!

Literature Review Topic:: Alcohol Abuse in College Students

College binge drinking is a major public health issue that leads to many worse health outcomes in young people.. The reasons and causes behind this behavior have been researched around the world and in different cultures.. Some factors for the high level of alcohol abuse in college students are the lack of knowledge of standard serving sizes,, drinking – to – cope motivation and being children of alcoholic parents.. Adolescents usually have to many challenges in life that may cause them stress.. They tend to drink m ore alcohol to relieve their stress so this behavior then turns into a bad habit that is addictive.. Family background also plays an important role in shaping individual’s view on drinking.. Additionally,, people usually drink all they want and ignore the sta ndard serving size.. The purpose of this literature review is to explore and discuss about the substantive findings from multiple sources on the variables that have an impact on topic..

Annotated Bibliography

1. Brown – Rice,, K.. A..,, Scholl,, J.. L..,, Fercho,, K.. A.. , Pearson,, K..,, Kallsen,, N.. A..,, Davies,, G.. E..,, Ehli,, E.. A..,, Olson,, S..,, Schweinle,, A..,, Baugh,, L.. A..,, & Forster,, G.. L.. (22018)).. Neural and psychological characteristics of college students with alcoholic parents differ depending on current alcohol use.. Prog ress in neuro – psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry 81 , 284 – 296.. https::////ddoi..oorg//110.1016//jj..ppnpbp..22017.09.010 .

The authors,, researchers at University of South Dakota conducted a study to test their hypothesis that adult children of alcoholic parents ( ACoA ) college students engaged in h azardous alcohol use would show poorer scholastic performance and psychological health as compared to ACoAs without problem alcohol use.. Their findings include ACoA have higher risk for alcohol problems and ACoA with drinking problem tend to have worse metal,, physical and social health.

2. O’Hara,, R.. E..,, Armeli,, S..,, & Tennen,, H.. (22014)).. Drinking – to – cope motivation and negative mood – drinking contingencies in a daily diary study of college students.. Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs 75 (44)),, 606 – 614.. https::////ddoi..oorg//110.15288//jjsad..2201 4.75.606 .

The authors,, researchers at University of Connecticut and Fairleigh Dickinson University conducted a study to examined whether global drinking – to – cope motivation moderates negative mood – drinking incidences and negative mood – motivation incidences at the daily level of analysis.. They find that increased drinking happened on days the students experienced higher anxiety,, anger and sadness levels..

3. White,, A..,, & Hingson,, R.. (22013)).. The burden of alcohol use:: exc essive alcohol consumption and related consequences among college students.. Alcohol research : current reviews 35 (22)),, 201 – 218..

The researcher and contributor use data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ’ss reports and surveys to examine previous findings about the causes and results of excessive drinking among college students compared to non – college peers.. They find that l ack of knowledge of standard drink sizes and the effects of alcohol on memory formation all complicate the collection of accurate data from traditional self – report surveys.. Furthermore,, e xcessive drinking leads to many co nsequences such as injuries , car crashes,, loss of memory , lower performance , sexual assaults,, overdoses and death .

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