List and briefly describe the three tests the program file uses to discover information about a given file.

Instructions: Please answer all questions in your own words in this document and turn in via blackboard by the due date.  The only acceptable format for turning in work in this class is PDF

Part I: Questions (30%)

  1. (10 points) List and briefly describe the three tests the program file uses to discover information about a given file.
  1. (10 points) Describe the steps you would take to add the line “RU Computer Science & Information Technology Department” using nano to a nonexistent file (depts.txt).  Note: I am not asking you to do it, just asking you to record the steps you would take to do so.
  1. (10 points) Describe the steps taken by the system once the user types nano file in detail

Part II: Commands (70%):

Please simply write the command(s) which performs the following tasks Debian (your VM) in as few commands as possible.  Note: If you do not indicate which shell you are using, I will assume you are using the bash shell (whether or not you are actually using this shell)

  1. (15 points) Show the commands you would use change the current working directory from student’s home directory: /home/student to the apt directory: /etc/apt/ using:
    1. A series of relative commands
    2. A single relative command
    3. A single absolute command
    4. (10 points) Provide a command which accomplishes the following:  Lists all files in the present working directory which starts with any number of characters, followed by the word student, followed with a dash, followed by any single character, and ending with extension .txt (Show the command only.  Note no regular expressions necessary)
  1. (10 points) Find all png files on the system
  1. (15 points) Navigate into the /dev or/and /etc folder and list a file that belongs to one of following three types of files: block special file, ordinary file, and a directory
  1. (10 points) Compress all files in the /home/student/tobackup directory to a file in the /home/student folder while preserving permissions. (Note: assume that all folders exist)
  1. (10 points) Find all files in /etc that start and end with the letter c
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