Lack of Hiring Minority Coaches in Sports

Lack of Hiring Minority Coaches in Sports
In the recent history of sports, it has been evident that there is a lack of diversity in coaching as well as management positions in sports.
Therefore, public relation campaigns have been launched to deliberate on the diversity issues especially on coaches from minority groups.
Situation Analysis ( SWOT)
Practically, when the United States sporting organizations broke down and analyzed the management and coaching positions in sports for the minority managers and coaches, they found none of the positions exists since such organizations were founded. This resulted in the attraction of the public relation campaigns to address the employment crisis for the minority coaches.
Objective/ Goals
Engage owners, institutions, athletic directors and conference commissioners.
The low number of minorities coaching in college football reflects the lack of diversity among
College and conference leaders
Inspire young minorities around the world to follow your dreams in coaching
Hire more qualified minority coaches
Enhance social media presence among minority coaches in sports
Identifying Publics/ Target Audience
Target those qualified applicants looking for an opportunity
Zone in on Teams, Organizations and Confereneces that already have a system in place
Key Messages
Public relation campaigns to address the problem of employment opportunities for the minority coaches in the sporting sector should be promoted across the globe. Intuitively, appropriate means and ways should be put in place on how the problem can be solved to increase the job vacancies for the minority coaches.
There are a lot of racial games taking place in the sporting management thereby rendering the minority coaches jobless.
Although the American sports organizations have come up with the Rooney rule to address the issue of lack of hiring for minority coaches, most of the minority coaches feel that the rule is just put to assume that things are normal and to protect the face from scrutiny concerning the racial matters in sports. The rule allows coaches to attend the interviews for the management positions with no guaranteed employment offered to them.
Press Media Kits
Press/ New Releases
Feature Stories of Minority Coaches
Starts Time NOW.. continue to present the arising issue to all parties to ensure this issue
Is resolved.
Draft Press release announcing the project initiative

Crisis Management
Potential Controversy
Based off of future coaching vacancies and the number of minority coaches hired in the next year

In conclusion, it is evident that the minority coaches are never given good opportunities to exploit their talents. Therefore both the governments and the sports organizations must come up strongly to support public relations campaigns to ensure that the minority also coaches secure employment opportunities as head coaches’.

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