Justify a parastatal form of business as a formal organization

1.(a)Explain the relative advantages of Big Business concern(15 marks)
(b)Highlight the principle advantages of a Limited Liability company form of business organization(10 marks)

2.(a)Explain how operations of the Stock Exchange affect the economic life of a country(15 marks)
(b)Highlight on marketing mix elements.(10 marks)

3.(a)Explain the basic functions of production control(15 marks)
(b)Highlight barriers to international trade.(10 marks)

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Case study Analysis( paper)- Prime Bank of Massachusetts

APA format is required. References should be listed immediately after the question that is being answered. Each question lists a minimum number of unique scholarly references; the textbook is considered one unique….

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written by Martin Luther King Jr.

Overview “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written by Martin Luther King Jr., as the title indicates, while he was confined in the Birmingham city jail in April, 1963. King is….

I need to write a medical report to academic advisor

Dear Sir or Madam, I need to write to my academic advisor a medical report ( Turki Alanazi came to our hospital after 14 days of his return from the….