Ira Mendelson v. Jose Servantes: Sophia’s Confession

Assignment 2: Final Assignment: Ira Mendelson v. Jose Servantes: Sophia’s Confession

This assignment addresses potential hearsay from a witness who could provide some significant testimony. Be sure to look carefully at the definition of hearsay in the rules of evidence.

A woman, Sophia Guiles, visits your office. She wants to tell you “something important regarding the case.” Sophia says that she knows Mary and has heard the old woman on numerous occasions say publicly, “I am Virgin Mary.” Remember Mary is the woman who claimed that she saw Ira Mendelson tampering with the window in the bus.

In light of this your lawyer asks you to research law of evidence and write a memo of 500–600 words on whether or not there is the issue of hearsay. Consider the sanity of Mary and the confession made by Sophia. Include citations of legal authority.

On a separate page, cite all sources according to Bluebook format.

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