Introduction to ASD Unit 9 Discussions

Autism Speaks

Before participating in this week’s Discussion, please make sure you have visited the Autism Speaks website from this unit’s readings. Research some of the local resources available in your area.

Please respond to the following:

  • List three resources available to assist children with autism spectrum disorder and their families.
  • Using your own words, give a brief description of each resource.
  • Discuss a way you can use each of your selected resources as a professional working in your field with children with autism spectrum disorder.

Reading and Resources

Web Resources

This week you will visit the Autism Speaks website, which provides great information, tools, and resources to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder. You may even filter by your state and read about some of the local resources and services available in your area. You will use information from this site to guide your Discussion responses this week.

Autism Speaks. (n.d.). Resource guide. Retrieved from

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