Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), indicate some of the myths and misconceptions

Recent news reports in 2014 focused on prominent football players’ involvement in intimate partner violence. Despite an elevator surveillance video of former Baltimore Raven running back, Ray Rice, punching his fiancée, Janay, the couple married soon afterwards. Many Americans debated the role these two had in the situation—some accusing Janay of instigating the violence and being a gold-digger, and others simply shaking their heads in confusion. It also generated twitter feed in which survivors provided abusive relationship stories explaining the reasons for staying or for leaving.

Based on what you have learned about Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), indicate some of the myths and misconceptions; then explain why these are incorrect. Do you believe that there is sufficient support—emotionally, socially, economically, and legally—to help these victims escape their abusers and live better, happier, and productive lives? Indicate specific reasons and justifications for your beliefs.

Support what you write using the assigned textbook readings and articles. Comment on at least two of your classmates’ initial posts.

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