Internet Information System

Select one of the following questions below to answer. A minimum of 200 words is required, and they must be your own words. Including figures and quotes is value-added, but they will not count against your 200 word requirement.

  1. What is system log and how can this be important to a digital forensics examination? For example, what is the Event Viewer? What is an Internet Information System (IIS) log?
  2. Browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer leave artifacts on the system that provide information about websites, as well as dates and times that areas and files were accessed – Explain why this information is important to a digital forensics examination?
  3. Since Browser artifacts might contain important dates and times information as referenced in Discussion Question 2 above – Describe what a timeline is is a digital forensics examination? Explain why a timeline (or timeline analysis) is important to a digital forensics examination? Explain what could happen to a case if a timeline used by a digital forensics examiner was not accurate?
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