International Business Strategy

Governments and businesses have not done
enough to curb greenhouse gas emissions and
the effects of climate change are becoming
increasingly severe. We continue to break
temperature records and extreme weather
events are increasingly common. Cities are
facing problems to source adequate food
for their growing population. Australia is
experiencing an increase in droughts with
more frequent hot days and nights. Sydney is
faced with reduced precipitation and increased
summer heat waves. Climate change adaptation
measures are local and reactive. Through not
recognising macro-trends, an opportunity has
been lost to address broader outcomes. Energy
is expensive and there is still an over-reliance on
fossil fuels, both at the global and national level.
A failure in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
has led to a higher than expected sea level rise,
posing huge challenges to Sydney. However,
due to the implementation of new and advanced
technologies, it became possible toadapt to the
consequences of climate change.

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