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Technology Commercialization and pre-seed company investment

We are doing the final part of our project

Need better job and no plagiarism and i need good explanation here we are 6 group members every one have to do one part here my part is do to number( ” 3″ ) option

“3-5 resumes or summary of skills ” this is part

  • 1;1 Page Cover Letter – introducing your company and your desire to bid on the project. Marielle
  • 2, Technical Approach includes specific and detailed explanation of how you will approach completing the project (e.g., project scope statement with high level task and explanation of how you plan to complete each task). This section is the largest section and should be about 5-7 pages. KAIHEEM
  • 3, At least 3-5 resumes or summary of skills limited to one page each for the key staff that you are proposing that will work on the project. Resumes must show required skills of the staff working on the project. Your resume should be included as the company owner or project manager. Resumes should include the following:Anusha
    • Staff name, title, and contact information
    • Description of skills
    • Education and/or certifications
    • Prior experience in project area
  • 4, 3 Past Performance references and each reference must include a point of contact and contact information in addition to the name of the project with a narrative description of the project you completed for that company. Ababacar
  • 5, Description of any proposed teaming partners and subcontractors requires that your project have a partner, sub-contractors or suppliers, and you must include what they will be contributing to the project and why. Mohamed
  • 6, Your proposal should evidence your capabilities, as well as your proposed partners’ capabilities which include a narrative description of the capabilities of your company and your partner (sub-contractors or suppliers) to complete the project. This is your sales pitch to let the government know you and your partner are fully capable of completing the project. Miguel

Usually, when you reply to an RFP, you can to indicate who are the key people in the team that will make the project a reality.
Usually, 2 to 3 resumes are included.

In otherwords you are telling them that you have the right people to lead the project. The resume of this people is important, because their background shows the year of experience of your key people and also the professional background.

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