In what ways would an organization’s culture either reinforce or undermine those Work Values and Interests?

Attention: Please finish watch video first, then start this assignment! Because this video shows that how to use (Links to an external site.)!!!!

Because the ‘theme’ of Module 1 was “One Minute Goals“, the chapter material for the module reflected various OB concepts that directly relate to organizational strategy, performance, and goal setting. As such, this assignment will bring the various concepts together into a unified conceptual framework.

? ? For this assignment, please go to (Links to an external site.) and generate a job analysis report for a job of your choice.? ?

Then, using the information provided by the report in conjunction with the key concepts discussed in the class lecture, please complete the following:

1. After reviewing the “essential tasks and functions” of the job, please explain in detail how these tasks and functions when performed at the unit-level would directly support an organization’s strategic goals. (20 points)

2. Consider the type of organizational culture in which this job would be performed. Then, describe what aspects of the culture would best fit the Work Values and Interests of a person holding the job. In other words, considering the factors that attract a person to the job itself, in what ways would an organization’s culture either reinforce or undermine those Work Values and Interests? (20 points)

3. Identify specific areas where an employee performing this job might experience some form of intrapersonal, interpersonal, and role conflict. For each, please explain in detail why you feel such conflict is likely to occur. (20 points)

4. Using 1 or 2 sentences, list 2 specific performance goals that an employee performing this job would be expected to work toward. Explain each goal in detail (i.e., do not simply say ‘increase sales’) as a goal. Instead, state what the goal is (it could very well be increasing sales) AND what specific actions will be taken to accomplish this. (40 points)

So, an acceptable statement of a performance goal in this example would be something like “To increase the number of first-time customer orders 15% by the end of the second quarter. In order to accomplish this I will use a targeted sales strategy using social media so that I contact at least 3 new potential customers daily.”

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