In what ways did World War II contribute to the growth of the federal government? How did it foster what historians now call the military-industrial complex?

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What changes in American society prompted the activities of nativists the Ku Klux, Klan, and religious fundamentalists? How did these groups express their outrage?

  1. What were the domestic and foreign causes of the Great Depression? How did President Hoover respond to the economic emergency?
  1. What were the main programs of the New Deal’s “Hundred Days”? What were their goals? Evaluate the success of the various programs.
  1. In what ways did World War II contribute to the growth of the federal government? How did it foster what historians now call the military-industrial complex?

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Post 1

Hello Class,

The Great Depression lasted from 1929 to 1939 and is the longest, hardest hitting depression that the United States have faced. Most people believe that one of the major causes of the Great Depression is Black Tuesday. Black Tuesday happened on October 29, 1929 and was the start of the stock market crash. Over the next two months, stockholders lost over $40 billion (Kelly). People were scared to spend money, which in turned decreased industrial output, which led to a rise in unemployment. During this time, people stopped believing in the banks. Instead of depositing check, people would just cash them. The banks ran out of money on hand, which caused banks to liquidly loans. This led to foreclosures and repossessions. Conjunction with the crash of the stock market and the banks running out of money, the dust bowl hit the Midwest. The Dust Bowl was the worst drought in American history and killed millions of acres of crops and livestock. Without the crops and livestock farmers could not make good on their loans and a lot of farms were repossessed. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act passed in 1930. This act charged a higher tax on imports. This irritated other countries and international trade dropped.  President Hoover responded to the failing banks by granting them government loans. The Hoover administration thought that banks would in turn loan the money to businesses which would allow the businesses to rehire former employees.


The events between 1921 to 1936 caused an economic disaster. This era is mostly known as era of great depression. We all know that war has never been productive for any country. There are always a lot of losses and economic drawbacks in wars. After world war 1, the economy of world was damaged. United states also suffered from war and stock markets went down. At that time major transactions were made by exchanging gold. US lend a lot of money to other countries but when there was time of recovery, the gold went short. Other countries were not able to pay back. Banking system at that time was not regulated and there were a lot of banks open in country. This factor also contributed to bad economic situation in country. Whole public was under stress which is collectively called as The Great Depression. At that time president hoover introduced a policy for business, he asked business men to hire more and more employees and produce less goods in market. According to him this could lead to stability of economy and lower the stress level among public. After world war 1, united states remained away from major world events and united states focused on improving its own economy. After world war 2, there have been a lot of changes in politics and economy of countries. In that time united states emerged and stated to become super power by utilizing all its resources. Wars have given much damaged to countries and once world war 2 was finished, it took a lot of time to stabilize economy.

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Hello Class!

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President in November of 1932.  He assumed office in 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression.  He implemented the New Deal, enacted by Congress, in hopes of providing America with three main goals: Relief, Recovery, and Reform.  He accomplished those three goals through the establishment of multiple programs set up to provide relief to the unemployed, recovery to the economy, and reform of the financial system.

The Civilian Conservation Corps, created in 1933, was a work relief program, to help combat unemployment.  “The work focused on soil conservation and reforestation. Most important, the men planted millions of trees on land made barren from fires, natural erosion, or lumbering—in fact, the CCC was responsible for over half the reforestation, public and private, done in the nation’s history” ( Staff).  The Civil Works Administration was also created in 1933 to provide the unemployed with jobs, however that program only lasted a year.

The Social Security Act provides income to senior citizens and those who are disabled and cannot work.  It is funded by citizens who are currently employed and was another program designed under the New Deal.  This Act is still in place today and is one of the most popular government programs.

The largest New Deal program, was created in 1935 and impacted millions of Americans.  The Works Progress Administration provided numerous jobs throughout the country.  “Because of it, numerous roads, buildings, and other projects were completed.  It was renamed the Works Projects Administration in 1939” (“10 Significant New Deal Programs”).  This administration was upheld until it ended in 1943.

Overall, the New Deal set out to relieve, recover, and reform America, it’s economy, and it’s people and it accomplished exactly that.

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