In spite of the benefits of good ethical practices, ethical problems are still evident in business organizations. Explain the reasons that lead to this

Question One
a) Although a may be widely accepted in the business community and be perfectly legal, does
that necessarily mean it is always moral? Qualify your answer with examples (6mks)
b) You are at the management level of a medium size electrical company and you approach the
lower rank workers to get to know about processes and products. The MD has arranged a master
phone on his table so that he can enter and listen to any conversation being made between
employees in the company. MD uses this master phone to know what is happening around with a
few groups of employees. MD also checks e-mails of employees at random. Discuss the ethical
issues in the above case (12mks)

c )Provide some examples of evidence that good corporate governance can pay off for
organizations (12mks)

Question Two
a) You are in charge of ethics programs in a manufacturing firm and you are faced with a
dilemma. How can you deal with it (10mks)
b) What are the ethical implications of industrial espionage? (10mks)

Question Three
a) Explain why marketers feel their involvement in the production and delivery of services is an
ethical one (10mks)
b) Should the field of ethics only focus on large corporations? Explain (5mks)
c) Freedom of speech is sometimes misused in whistle blowing. Give examples in support of this
statement (5mks)

Question Four
a) Discuss at least six examples of commitment that companies can make to win the trust of
their employees (12mks)
b) Explain the extended view of corporate citizenship. Give examples to illustrate the concept





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