In order to establish a class action what do you need to prove?

Watch the movie “A Civil Action (1998) about

the Anderson v. W.R. Grace decision. In a one page single spaced

paper (or less) answer the following questions

1. In order to establish a class action what do you need to


2. What causes of action did Plaintiffs bring against W.R.


3. Are these causes of action intentional torts or do they

sound in negligence? Explain the difference using the

causes of action alleged in the lawsuit.

4. An intentional tort is proven when three elements are

present: (i) wrongful or negligent act; (ii) that causes; (iii)

damages. What elements of the intentional tort

were/were not proven at trial? What did the jury say

about each element?

5. Do you believe the evidence supported the jury’s verdict?

Why or why not?

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