In 250 words what are some valid points in each article. How does both articles relate to Information Systems & Data Management. Must include two in-text citations and two references.

Executives who can help companies navigate digital and technological change will be among the most sought-after candidates to join the corporate suite next year, according to a new report from executive recruiting firm Korn Ferry.


Associated Press According to a new report from Korn Ferry, the chief innovation officer and chief digital officer are among the most in-demand c-suite spots for 2015. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

The firm ranks the chief innovation officer and chief digital officer posts among the top five most in-demand executive positions spanning all industries for 2015, based on a survey of Korn Ferry’s executive search consultants. The chief innovation officer is typically responsible for finding new ways for a company to grow through innovation. The responsibilities of the chief digital officer is fast changing and range from helping companies digitize legacy applications to carrying out a social media strategy.

Chief commercial or revenue officer, chief cyber security officer and chief sustainability officer round out the five executive posts with the most demand for next year, according to Korn Ferry’s list.

The chief marketing officer– who is increasingly focused on boosting top-line growth through customer engagement, sales optimization and brand positioning– is among 2015′s top 15 most sought after c-suite spots, Korn Ferry said. There’s an especially strong demand for CMOs who understand managing an omni-channel platform, the firm notes.

The new media and social media industry is expected to be the second hottest sector for executive hiring next year, according to a Korn Ferry survey of 367 executives. The healthcare industry is projected to be the sector with the most robust executive hiring in 2015.

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