Identify which nations are predominantly Sunni and which are Shia. Illustrate with a map

part 1: 3-5 page power point between the years of 1980 and 1990

For Milestone Two, you will research government fiscal policies as they relate to the 10-year historical period that you chose in Module One, and present the information in 3–5 new slides for your presentation. Be sure to read the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric to ensure you are covering the critical elements of this assignment.

To assist you with your Milestone Two presentation, use the PowerPoint templateprovided. Submit the presentation here. This milestone will inform your final project.

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubricdocument and the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.

Please follow the instructions in this captioned video in order to submit your PowerPoint as a PDF with notes so that your instructor can view your speaker notes.

The ten year period I have decided to research for my final project is 1980-1990. The reason I chose this time period is because when researching all the different time periods this one intrigued me the most because when reading about it some of the elements sparked me and reminded me about the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression and that is a time I enjoy learning about because so much was going on at once. This time period I felt was to a certain degree similar with that there was so much going on at once and that in particular is what keeps me interested. When reading about this it was said that the early part of the 1980’s the economy was going through a deep recession and some business bankruptcies had increased to over 50% than the previous year (State, 2017). Not only was it bad for businesses, more than 12 million Americans, which came to about 11% at the time, were jobless and those business failures were at the highest in 1982 since the Great Depression (State, 2017). Interest rates were on the rise, there was a decline in agricultural exports, and falling crop prices during this time, but continuing to read on by 1983 the economy was starting to recover (State, 2017). The inflation rate had stayed below 5% for the remainder of the 1980’s at the point (State, 2017). Ronald Reagan was elected into office, and he had an economic program to help, which it had to do with the supply side. It was a theory that was to push for lower tax rates so people could keep more of their income (States, 2017). When also reading on just a time line there was a few major events that were pointed out. The first point was in 1980, and it was that inflation had reached 13.5%. It said that, “Congress passes the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act, giving the Federal Reserve greater control over nonmember banks and forcing all banks to abide by the Federal Reserve’s rules” (Economics, n.d.). The second point was from 1981 and it was about Ronald Region and his economic program, which I have already briefly touched upon. However, this point also was shared with another event which was how The Alaska Land Act had designated over 100 million acres as park and wilderness land which prevented exploration and development of Alaska’s mineral and oil reserves (Economics, n.d.). The next point jumps to 1987, this mentions how The United States Stock Market had plunged dangerously and how the chairman, who as new at the time, Alan Greenspan calmed panic and made public statement that the Fed was going to, “Serve as a source of liquidity” to help support the economic and financial system (Economics, n.d.). The last point on the timeline is from 1989 and was, “Massive failures of savings and loan associations cost $160 billion, $124 billion of which is paid for with a bailout by the U.S. government (Economics, n.d.).


Economics USA: 21st Century Edition. (n.d.). Retrieved July 05, 2017, from

State, U. D. (2017, May 31). What Happened to the American Economy in the 1980s? Retrieved July 04, 2017, from



Part 2: terrorism, hate crime

Within the religion of Islam, there are several divisions. Those who follow the Sunni version of Islam and those who follow the Shia interpretation are often in conflict. In the Muslim world, certain countries are predominantly Sunni and others are predominantly Shia. Wars have been fought over this division, including a recent 8-year war between Iran and Iraq.

Understanding the differences between these two interpretations is helpful in understanding terrorism and national security.

For this assignment, create a 10- to 12-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint that addresses the following points:

  • What are the points of conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims? Where do their interpretations of Islam differ significantly?
  • How and when did these conflicts come into existence?
  • In what ways do they share the same beliefs? Is antipathy toward the West an automatic position?
  • Identify which nations are predominantly Sunni and which are Shia. Illustrate with a map.
  • Provide an example of at least one significant terrorist action by each branch of Islam.
  • Discuss whether counterterrorism authorities should prepare differently for Sunni terrorism than they would for Shia terrorism
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