identify various fundamental concepts of network security

After you have read this session 1 Introduction, your task is to identify various fundamental concepts of network security. These concepts provide a framework for discussing security and addressing security issues in an enterprise or in cyber space in an organized manner. But for these “big” concepts, our discipline will be a hodgepodge of ideas and ad hoc solutions. The concepts we discussed include: various dimensions to security, typical attacks and how they affect the various dimensions to security, 3Ds of security, security policies, mechanisms and services, layering and defense in depth, strategic vs. tactical aspects of security. There are a few other concepts we have not so far alluded to such as risk analysis and fundamental security principles that you learnt from INFA 610

You are encouraged to conduct research on your own and consult reputable sources.

Post your concise answer (in your own words) as a reply to this conference topic. Don’t forget to list your sources. Also, respond in a few sentences to at least two of your colleagues’ responses. Do you agree? Disagree? (Make sure to explain why.) Let’s remember to keep a professional approach to our postings. You can disagree with someone without being disagreeable.

It should go without saying, but remember to stay on topic. We have other areas (e.g., the Cybercafe) if you want to discuss tangential items.

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