Identify the different stakeholders of Anglo American and their stakes.

Answer in 200 words each:

a) Identify the different stakeholders of Anglo American and their stakes.    What is your suggestion on how Anglo American could respond to these stakes?

b) Critically evaluate the business model of Dyson for its globalization business strategy.  What changes might be needed, if any, as the firm ventures into future growth markets beyond its existing markets?


c) Review the articles posted by your peers (you can select all postings and then click on collect to see them all at once).   Critically evaluate the postings of any one of the peers using the following guidelines.  (if you are the first to post, then come back in a few hours to answer this part).

1. POINT to some examples of good analysis you liked.

2. POINT to what you think is the central insight or theme

3. What MORE do you think is needed? Where? (any places that need more analysis or explanation, any information you need to understand what is going on better)

4. What LESS is needed? (anything that detracts from following and seeing the core of the story)

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