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Part I: Traditionally, human resource management practices were developed and administered by the company’s human resource department. Some companies are abandoning or don’t have HR departments. Why is this occurring? Is it a good idea for companies not to have an HR department or HR professionals? Explain your position.

Part II: Read the Exercising Strategy mini case titled “Publix: HR Practices Result in Happy Employees & Customers” which can be found at the end of Ch. 1 and on the attached handout. After reading it, respond to the three discussion questions at the end of the case:

1) Which of Publix’s HR practices do you think are most important for its success? Why?

2) Could promotion from within have disadvantages for Publix? Explain why?

3) Do Publix’s HR practices give it an advantage over its competitors? Why or why not?ATTACHMENTScase_publix__hr_practices_result_in_happy_employees___happy_customers_1_.pdfThis is an exclusive conversation between welle and Gilmore. Others are not able to reply here.

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