How to Preventing weight problems/obesity in youth​.


Assemble the final draft of your infographic for this assignment.  The draft will need to include the following:

  1. Topic needs to be clear (e.g. clear title/ heading).
  2. Key content areas need to be described or presented in some draft form
  3. Content areas need to relate to your target audience.
  4. Needs to be in a similar format as the final (do not upload a sketch if you plan to submit a piktochart infographic)
  5. Include an area of your draft for resources and provide some example of resources for your target audience.

At this stage you are graded on the presence of the items – because this is still in draft form.

Use this website to create an creative and attractive infographic:

Cover Letter Draft_

Assemble the almost final draft of your Cover Letter.  You are writing the cover letter to the organization that you would like to distribute your infographic. While this will just be a draft and can change, the draft will need to include the following:

  1. Formatted as a letter

Greeting, date of the letter, main body, sign off (e.g. yours sincerely) and your name with contact information. This also needs to be 1.15 spacing, and 11 pt font, with double spacing between paragraphs. 1page limit.

  1. First paragraph introduces the topic
  2. Within that paragraph describe why the topic is important and the target population.

Provide evidence supporting the importance of your topic (e.g. include statistics on poor nutrition in your target population). Cite this evidence in a footnote.

  1. Second paragraph describes why the organization should distribute/post the infographic.

In this section highlight the connection between the organization(s) you have chosen the target population.  Be very persuasive in why they should post your infographic.

Organization: Washington State Department of Health.

  1. The last section describes the why and how of the infographic.

Describe the evidence used to support the content in the infographic and why the infographic will be effective in addressing the topic/issue for the target population.  Also describe how the organization should disseminate the infographic (e.g. distribute it in a newsletter, or post it in clinic waiting rooms, ect…).

This section can be its own paragraph but does not have to be.

Since this is a draft you will only be graded that each of these sections are present with enough content to support them- not on the quality or clarity of the writing.


Infographic Grading Rubric:

1pt. Topic is clear, focused, and consistent throughout the infographic.

1pt. Content is specific and tailored to the target audience (defined in the cover letter). Information is presented in a mix of images, charts, and text tailored to the 5th grade reading level.

1pt. The content is supported by evidence (cited on the infographic but some citations may be present in the cover letter).

1pt. The actions that you would like the target audience to take are clear, and the infographic is effective in persuading the target audience to make the change.

1pt. Creative presentation that captures the audience, presentation would encourage people to read the infographic.

Cover Letter Draft Grading Rubric:

1pt. Formatted appropriately for a letter.

1pt. Topic is clearly presented, and the importance of creating an infographic on the topic is clear.

1pt. It is clear why the organization would be interested in the infographic. This section describes how the infographic will attempt to improve the health of a population severed by the organization.

1pt. There is clear discussion of how evidence to supports the content in the infographic. Description of why the infographic will be effective in addressing the topic/issue for the target population.  There also needs to be a Description on how the organization should disseminate the infographic (e.g. distribute it a newsletter, or post it in clinic waiting rooms…).

1pt. The letter overall is persuasive and written clearly with few typos.

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