How to address a specific real-world problem in your workplace, group, or community.

WA2 ASSIGNMENT: Develop a background review and synthesis of the literature for the topic of your research-based course project.

This assignment is designed to help you prepare for the final WA4 paper in WRTG 394. Your final paper will be a Business Action Report in which you:

  • address a specific real-world problem in your workplace, group, or community;
  • explore solutions based on solid research using scholarly (academic-quality) sources; and,
  • propose a specific action solution for the problem, issue, or need.

This week’s WA2 assignment consists of these parts:

(1) Locate at least seven good research articles for your major course topic. At least four sources should be scholarly (“academic-quality”). To find your sources, use OneSearch or individual databases in the UMUC Library.

(2) Create a References page with a full, correct APA citation for each of your research sources.

(3) Study each source carefully, taking notes to capture the key points that will help address the Basic Question of your course project topic.

(4) Write a Research Sources Review which organizes the key findings from your preliminary research into major themes or categories (for example, three themes). Include an introductory paragraph, a Thesis Statement, and a summary/conclusion.

(5) In your review, also pinpoint any obstacles you face with specific research gaps and explain your plan for finding additional research sources for your final WA4 Business Action Plan.

FORMAT: The WA2 paper should be single-spaced with indented paragraphs using regular 12-point Times New Roman font. All research sources should be listed in a References page with each one cited in full, correct APA format.

LENGTH: About two to two-and-a-half pages (1,000 to 1,500 words).

VALUE: 17.5% of final course grade.


A. Articles & Tutorials:

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