how Enlightenment philosophes sought change in their societies

In this five-page essay, your task is to consider how Enlightenment philosophes sought change in their societies. Select a theme from Voltaire’s Candide (for example, religion, government, slavery, marriage, patriarchy, etc.) and explain how Voltaire satirizes it as a way of calling for reform. Contextualize Voltaire’s argument by incorporating one or two articles from the Encyclopedie, which you can find here: Your bibliography should include two or three sources: Voltaire’s novel and one or two Encyclopedie articles. About five double-spaced pages, Due on 02/21/2017

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Social Impact Analysis (SIA) Capstone Paper

Help needed, this is due on Tuesday, 26th Nov at 5:30 PM and please attach the plagiarism report. Identify a contemporary or leading edge design, product or concept (DPC) that….

Dubai Case Study

For this case study, students will prepare an assessment of between 1100 and 1200 words of text, 1.5 spaced. Each case study should have a separate bibliography including at least….

Geology Lab Assignment

Glacial Processes.docx Name: _______________________________ G205: Glaciers A glacier is a body of ice and snow that moves under the influence of gravity and its own weight. Evidence that a glacier….