How does the news change our perspectives of specific events?


How social media influcence people’s lives.

2)What is your research question related to your topic? (What do you want to find out about it?):

– How does the news change our perspectives of specific events? (biased/censored news)
– How can advertisement alter spending behavior? (propaganda, sexists ads)
– To the extent which software such as Facebook and Instagram define the way people interact with their friends. (connectivity between people)

3.What is your working thesis?

Although social media brings us convenience, the negative impacts it brings outweighs than the good it does in terms of tempering people’s views, and creates isolation

Please note : 1000 words,APA style.focus on the negative effect of social media and this is classic argument essay, only one side.Also mind about reference and make sure do the in text citation,do not plagiarize.

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