Written Assignment in Two Parts

The Written Assignment consists of two parts. Part One of your paper is to be at least 500-600 words. Part Two of your paper is also to be at least 500-600 words. Each part is to be single-spaced, with one-inch margins, printed in font 11 or 12. On the top line of page one, place your name and title. Then drop down two spaces and begin your single-spaced essays. Submit Part One and Part Two together as a single document.

Part One is a summary of Andre Maurois’s Neither Angel, Nor Beast. The summary will consist of an Introduction identifying the main storyline, followed by the Body of the summary which will include a synopsis of the story from beginning to end that also describes and explains, in whatever order you choose, the roles of at least 5 of the following characters: Philippe Viniès, Bertrand d’Ouvil, Lucien Malessart, Mademoiselle, Geneviève, Caussidière, Lamartine, the Bresson family, Lecardonnel, the Subprefect of Abbeville, Monsieur de Vence, La Réforme. The summary should end with a Conclusion that is an overall critique, positive or negative, of the story. Point breakdown for Part One:

10 Introduction (main storyline identified)

30 Body (4 points per character explained and 10 points for covering the extent of the story)

10 Conclusion (positive or negative critique)

Part Two is a historical analysis of the novel. It is to include an Introduction describing the principal argument and purpose of the novel, followed by a Body describing and explaining the historical context within which the novel was written (i.e. the world of 1919) and how the author used historical fiction to speak to the readers of his generation. The analysis should conclude with an Appraisal of the work (did it achieve its purpose), followed by a personal assessment of the author’s argument. Part Two must include references to three outside sources, other than the textbook, to support your description and explanation of the historical context. For endnotes use CMS (Chicago Manual of Style). You can google CMS to find examples. http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html is one such site. Point breakdown for Part Two:

10 Introduction (argument and purpose)

30 Body (historical context and use of historical fiction; endnote usage)

10 Appraisal (effectiveness of novel and personal assessment)



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