Highlight four assumptions of markov process

a) Discuss the areas of application of business mathematics to a manager (5 marks)
b) Highlight four assumptions of markov process (4 marks)
c) If A={m,n,o,p} B={m,o,p,q} C={m,p,r} and the universal set is defined as U={k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t} then what is:
i)AUB ii) AUC iii) BnC iv) (AUB)’ v) (AnC)’ (4 marks)
d) Given the following demand function; Q=(40- 2P)/3 ; where Q is the level of output and P, the price per unit. The cost function is defined as TC= 0.5Q2 + 10Q-225.
i. Derive the revenue function and the cost function.
ii. Calculate the corresponding break-even point. (6 marks)



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