High-profile conflict of the past or present.

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8-10 pages double spaced. This paper should focus on some high-profile conflict of the past or present. The paper should display the facts of the crisis, related research, as well as your analysis. This is your chance to demonstrate your ability to analyze conflict management as a consultant, advisor, or strategist for others – something we will do throughout the course. Do not use the paper to write about a personal conflict you face or have faced in the past. This topic is best suited for your journal. LATE PAPERS WILL RECEIVE AN F. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! The topic should be of interest to you and have enough information available where you can do an in-depth analysis of the conflict. If you choose to do a topic that is not well documented you may be doing yourself a disservice as this will require more work on your part. However, if it is a topic that truly interests you, you can look into the history of the various parties involved in the conflict, where you may find richer documentation or find alternative ways of getting undocumented information, such as interviews with insiders. You need more than just a few newspaper articles. You must be able to tie your analysis to topics that we discuss in class and those that you have seen in the readings; your analysis must reflect what you have taken away from this course. The best papers, those at the “A” level, will include a wide range of citations; conflict management research from beyond the course readings; and analysis beyond a couple of sittings. They will also include research on conflict beyond the materials presented in class. The worst papers, those at the “C” level, will merely summarize the details of a high profile conflict. All papers should include appropriate references and citations to relevant books and articles. Do not exceed the page limit. Again, late papers will receive an F and there will be no exceptions! The above is the paper prompt. You can choose any topic regarding contemporary politics in the domestic U.S. as long as it argues about the role conflict and conflict management plays in politics. The results and events of the recent election should make this a very easy paper to complete. Make sure you read all the requirements above carefully so that you do not miss anything (i.e. teacher wants a lot of citations to back up certain statements). MLA or Chicago-Turbian format with footnotes.

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