Help with an Accounting Class in Auditing

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I need help answering true and false questions about auditing. If you are an expert in this topic then this will be very easy for you. These questions are timed so if you do great under pressure you will be okay. The topic covered for these questions will be Chapter 11: Auditing the revenue process, Chapter 12: Auditing the Purchasing and Payroll Processes and Chapter 13: Auditing Various Balance Sheet Accounts (and Related Income Statement Accounts) from the textbook I have provided to you. You can take a look and see if you are familiar with the topics from those chapters.

1. Again, the questions will be true and false and 100 questions totaling 1 or 2 lines sentences maximum. (Around 30 seconds to answer each question)

2. Answer the questions in a specific time given. (50 minutes)ATTACHMENTSauditing_a_practical_approach_with_data_analytics_1st_by_raymond_n._johnson.pdf

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