Heart Disease and Stroke

Assignment  Heart Disease and Stroke is the health issues


     o   Choose a HP2020 Health Issue & Objective

   o   Write an APA [6th Ed.] compliant paper complete with Title Page & References

   o   Due EOD Tuesday

   o   3 Parts

                         I.         Health Issue & Objective

§  Background information on the health issue

§  Objective list only 3

§  Relationship to population health system

§  Description of inputs, processes, outputs, & results

§  Connection to public health services, core functions, and unique features

                       II.         Annotated Bibliography

§  Source #1 – reference details {hanging indent}

§  Annotated summary

§  Analysis

§  Evidence-based reliability/creditability/validity comment

§  Usefulness for your specific purpose

§  Source #2 – reference details {hanging indent}

§  Annotated summary

§  Analysis

§  Evidence-based reliability/creditability/validity/bias/objectivity comment

§  Usefulness for your specific purpose

                      III.         Problem Statement

§  Magnitude & extent of the problem

§  Population at risk

§  Trends

§  Please use the 5W1H approach

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