Handmade Exquisite cakes


the company call Handmade Exquisite cakes

This REPORT is 1000 word and there are 3 questions about EHS that need to answer please:

1- construct an ITO, and contextualise the performance dimensions for EHS

2- Map the process for order fulfilment including manufacture of the individually wrapped tray- bake cake product.

3 construct an upstream and downstream supply network diagram for EHS

the link below is the video of the company, in this link it will show you how they process inside the company, this video will explain everything about the company and most of the details of the report will come from this video which is below:


* i will upload files where you might need when you do the assignment *

i will also send you a previous report where to have an idea of how you are going to do in the report but PLEASE no copy paste because this is a serious problem in university.

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