Green city research paper

Students should select a research topic with the following attributes:

Related to “green cities” and Smart Mobility
An area of study that the student feels passionate about
Relevant to the student’s professional interest
Feasible within the constraints of the assignment format
Sample topics:

autonomous vehicles
driverless cars
intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
micromobility management (shared bikes and electric scooters)
mobility ecosystem
mobility on demand (MOD)
mobility as a service (MaaS)
parking space conversion
public transport innovation
sustainable travel behavior
unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)
urban air mobility (UAM)
water transit
These are just a small selection of applicable topics. Your topic must be approved by the instructor.


Format: Students are free to format their papers however they chose. If there is concern about an unusual format, please contact the instructor. The paper must have a short description of the topic to introduce this to the reader. Following the introduction, the paper must provide information on how to implement this concept and a conclusion.

Size: The paper must be between 1,300–2,000 words total (includes 10 recommendations and 10 references). This is approximately 3 to 5 pages. Shorter or longer papers will not receive full credit. State the total number of words at the end of your report.

File Name: The Microsoft Word digital file name must be as follows: lastname.doc or lastname.docx


At the end of the research paper, please list 10 specific recommendations for smart mobility.


Aumsville Interchange and Dowtown Planning and Design to an external site.
City of Gervais Green City Planning & Design to an external site.
City of Independence Sustainable Planning & Design to an external site.
Portland Innovation District Report to an external site.
All previous reports: (Links to an external site.)

Research papers must have a minimum of 10 references which may include interviews and digital media. Use the APA format for references. There are many online tools to help you correctly cite your paper such as

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