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n this learning block, you will complete Project One: Topic Exploration Graphic Organizer based on what you have learned throughout the theme and the answers that you developed as you completed the practice activities related to your selected news story. In this learning block, you will submit your topic exploration graphic organizer. This will bring Theme 1 to a close. Be sure to carefully review the assignment instructions and rubric so you can address all of the important pieces of the project and earn maximum points. After participating in this learning block, you will be able to:

• Determine fundamental approaches to scientific research in addressing questions related to the natural world

The article: comparing primate vocalizations

Overview Natural science does not simply describe and explain nature; it is part of the interplay between nature and ourselves.

—Werner Heisenberg

Studying the natural sciences allows us to explore both the physical and biological aspects of the natural world as well as how those aspects affect us. As a consumer and voter, you will be exposed to news stories that discuss scientific concepts as diverse as pharmaceuticals, environmental management, nanotechnology, and plastics. Because of the prevalence of natural science concepts in our daily lives, it is important to develop perspectives in the natural sciences and to have a basic understanding of natural science principles. There are three projects for this course. In Project 1, you will select a news story and explore the natural science topic of the news story using the Topic Exploration Graphic Organizer Template. Your exploration of the topic will include a description of the evidence surrounding the topic, potential questions that a natural scientist might ask related to the topic, and a discussion of where you can find more information about your topic. The work you do on this project will directly support your work on Project 2 (a question development worksheet) and Project 3 (a presentation). These projects are due later in the course. Project 1 will assess the following course outcome, which you will focus on throughout Theme: Understanding the Scientific Process:

 Determine fundamental approaches to scientific research in addressing questions related to the natural world

Prompt Review the graphic organizer template and this graphic organizer sample. Your graphic organizer should address the following prompt: Visit the ScienceDaily website and select a news story that interests you and has been published within the past six months. Answer the questions in the graphic organizer template, based on your chosen news story. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed and will be graded using the Project 1 Rubric:

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