Give an example of the use of physical separation for security in a computing environment.

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5th chapter insecurity computing

1. Give an example of the use of physical separation for security in a computing
2. Give an example of the use of temporal separation for security in a computing
3. Give an example of an object whose sensitivity may change during execution.
4. Respond to the allegation “An operating system requires no protection for its
ecutable code (in memory) because that code is a duplicate of code
maintained on disk.”
5. Explain how a fence register is used for relocating a user’s program.
6. Can any number of concurrent processes be protected from one another by
just one pair of base/bounds registers?
7. The discussion of base/bounds registers implies that program code is execute-
only and that data areas are read-write-only. Is this ever not the case? Explain
your answer.
8. A design using tag bits presupposes that adjacent memory locations hold
dissimilar things: a line of code, a piece of data, a line of code, two pieces of
data, and so forth. Most programs do not look like that. How can tag bits be
appropriate in a situation in which programs have the more conventional
arrangement of code and data?
9. What are some other modes of access that users might want to apply to code
or data, in addition to the common read, write, and execute permission?
10. If two users share access to a segment, they must do so by the same name. Must
their protection rights to it be the same? Why or why not?

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