Getta Byte Software Project Schedule

After reviewing the Getta Byte Transcript (attached word document), write a 2 page paper on what Ima Payne, the Project manager at Getta Byte Software, put together for her preliminary project schedule. Address the following questions:

1) What types of information have we learned about the Betta Bill Project by reviewing the project schedule and all the information used to generate it?

2) If Ima made the decision to try to use the Agile Methodology for the Getta Bill Project, what should she do?

3) How could the WBS help the next step to plan using Agile?

The Getta Byte team has a list of things that need to be completed before their September 1 deadline. Before creating the project schedule, Ima must first break down each milestone into subtasks with more detail. The team is creating a WBS for the billing project, this is a hierarchical decomposition of the total scope of work to be carried out by the project team to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables. Once the WBS is completed, the team can begin to focus on creating the project network diagram. This is where the major tasks and their subtasks come into play.

By reviewing the project schedule and the information used to generate it, we are able to learn the order and the way in which the project manager views the project should take place. We get a clear picture into each step and their beginning and end. We learn which steps are predecessors. Through the project schedule, we know what each task takes from the budget and which team member is in charge of that task. Once the schedule has been laid out for the entire team to view, all members take the opportunity to see what resources are available to them and can delegate their time and may assist on other tasks.

If Ima were to use the Agile Methodology, she would need to forget the normal structured project schedule. There would need to be room for sudden adjustments throughout the schedule. The schedule would be planned at the beginning of each iteration until they have all been completed. Instead of a release being at the completion of the project, releases could occur at set intervals throughout the project.

Combining the Agile method and the work breakdown structure can be used on projects of all sizes. The work breakdown structure breaks down the tasks into smaller subtasks to simplify the overall project. The already simplified subtasks are then broken down even further. This progression goes on until the resulting tasks are distinct and minor enough that the timeframe from beginning to end lasts only a few days or weeks.


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