Gender based violence is socially constructed? Discuss.



1. a) Define the phrase gender based violence
b) Discuss two types of gender based violence that are prevalent in your community
2. write notes on the following
i. sexual harassment
ii. gender based violence in armed conflicts
3. Gender based violence is socially constructed? Discuss.
4. Giving examples, assess the claim that gender based violence is a weapon used to ensure gender inequalities in society.
5. Discuss four ways of eradicating gender based violence in Kenya.

B1. a) With examples, distinguish a development project from a development programme. [10marks]

b) Discuss key characteristics of a sustainable community development project. [10marks]

c) Explain the essence of taking a perspective in project identification and planning stages.

2. Explain any four issues of gender concern during the implementation and evaluation stages of a community development project.

3. a) Discuss three reasons for employing a gender perspective in community project management.

b) Using examples to illustrate your points, evaluate any three obstacles to gender responsive community project management.

4. Explain any four important considerations in ensuring effective participation of women in community resource mobilization.

5. a) Giving examples, discuss five challenges to gender responsive project management.

b) Explain ways of addressing these challenges.


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