Four Hours Midterm Exam about History.


I have not yet know what to write but I have sample and some document to help writing. I will start the exam when you have enough knowing about how to do with this exam. Bellow will be instructions for this exam.


The exam has a time limit of four hours once you begin so please ensure you have a stable internet source while you work. The exam is open book, so you can use course resources, your textbook, and your notes to support your work. Outside resources are permitted to supplement course resources if necessary, but exams based only on outside sources will not score highly.

The exam has two parts, a document analysis much like the ones you have been doing on Globalyceum and an exam essay that asks a thematic question about the period we have covered so far.

For the document analysis, the rubric is designed to test your ability to build from lower to higher order levels of critical thinking. First you need to DESCRIBE the content of the document and demonstrate your ability to succinctly summarize what it says. Then you will need to EXPLAIN the historical significance of this document and demonstrate that you understand why the content of the document is important for us to understand. Finally, you need to EXPAND on your previous analysis to link the document and its content to broader course themes and issues, such as the creation of identity or the impact of institutions on diverse groups of Americans.

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For the essay, you should submit a short essay of 3-4 pages (approx 1,000 words) that answers a thematic question about the experiences of the various groups we are studying over the period of time that we have covered so far. As the exam is open book you should practice proper citations when you use course resources in your work. History essays need to have a clear structure, including an introduction, thesis statement and conclusion. The grading rubric assesses your ability to answer the question, to analyze relevant evidence and examples, to make a clear argument and to express yourself with appropriate writing style and grammar.

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