Flextime is a duty scheduling system that:?…..

Flextime is a duty scheduling system that:

Allows nurses in a unit to construct their own schedules
Allows organizations to set the opening price for a shift.
Allows nurses to select the time schedules that best meet their personal needs white still meeting work responsibilities
Allow nurses to cross-train on multiple units so that they can work additional hours during periods of high census or worker shortages.

The process of educating a new employee about the organization, employment, personnel policies and procedures is known as:


When a nurse manager/leader allows subordinates to be creative, use their talents and explore new possibilities, its called


One limitation of an organization chart is

Doesn’t show the line of decision making
Shows only formal relationships
Shows informal lines of communication
Doesn’t show the chain of command

An organization design that tries to remove hierarchical layers and decentralizing the activities is called

Flat designs
Matrix designs
Ad Hoc designs
Shared governance designs

The number of managers at all levels of the organization is greatly influenced by

Span of control
Chain of command
Channels of communication
Unity of command



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