Find a set of at least three (3) articles as candidates for annotation. Prof. Francisco will provide you with some basic search criteria on where to look.

Question description

Find a set of at least three (3) articles as candidates for annotation. Prof. Francisco will provide you with some basic search criteria on where to look.

This week, find a peer reviewed article that helps you with your topic/research problem from the ACM digital library ( (Links to an external site.)). Note that articles from conference proceedings are usually peer reviewed.

Provide the correct APA reference to the articles. Remember APA requires a DOI or stable URL if you accessed the materials online.

Choose one of the three articles to annotate and indicate your choice with a asterisk* next to the reference.

Write a 150 word narrative about how you searched for the articles and why you chose the one article to annotate. Tell us what other articles were interesting but didn’t make the cut. Please reference those articles using APA format.

Read the abstract of your chosen article carefully. If the abstract leaves you confused then read the introduction and/or background section of the article.

Write a summary of what you think the author wants you to learn about if you read the entire article carefully. What do the authors want to convince you of? Also address how the authors’ argument relates to ethics.

Write two questions that you would hope to learn more about after reading the entire article. Next search through the text and find quotes that provide the author’s opinion on the subject, answer the question, or help you in your search for answers by giving some clues on how to go about discovering more about the problem/questions. Sometimes you find that there is a different language, vocabulary, or approach to even asking the questions. These are what you want to capture in your quotes. Be sure to include quotation marks and page numbers.

Finally, look in the bibliography and select two references that would be useful for later reading. In one or two sentences for each reference tell us why those articles are interesting and/or useful for you.


APA citation of target article – 1
APA citations of two other articles considered – 1
Search and selection Narrative – 2
Summary – 2
Two questions of the text – 1
Quotes from text that address questions – 2
Two references for later – 1

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