Fiji Water and Corporate Social Responsibility

Fiji Water and Corporate Social Responsibility

The case examines the skilful marketing of the FIJI brand and the huge environmental and corporate social responsibility challenges the marketing of this brand faces.  Students should prepare the case and consider the following questions: 

  1. What is ethical and socially responsible marketing and why should marketers be concerned about sustainability?
  2. What factors contributed to the success of FIJI Water?
  3. What does it mean for FIJI Water to go carbon negative? How does one measure and report carbon footprints or products?  Is the carbon footprint of FIJI Water big compared with other products? 
  4. What is greenwashing and how can it be identified? Do you think FIJI Water is engaged in greenwashing?  What could the company do to gain environmental credibility? 
  5. Are the Fiji government’s concerns about the “negative” contribution of FIJI Water to the local economy justified? Is the company doing enough to improve its relations with the Fiji government and the local community?  What else should it do to improve these relations? 

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