factors that drive strategy

Based on this unit’s Reading, formulate your Assignment in a PowerPoint presentation addressing

the following questions:

Questions relating to the article “What Really Drives Your Strategy?”

  1. Determine some of the salient points about factors that drive strategy. What stood out for you?
  2. What did you consider critical to the success of a HR-business strategy?

Questions relating to the extract “Are You Mature Enough for HR-Business Strategy?”

  1. Using the organization you have selected for your Final Project as an example, describe where

the organization falls on the HR Maturity Scale and why.

  1. What are the factors to consider when attempting to mature on the HR Maturity Scale?
  2. What actions, activities, and/or strategies could you, as a senior leader, put in place to keep the

organization maturing?

Assignment Instructions:

Address all questions above in a minimum of nine slides in an APA 6th ed. formatted PowerPoint

presentation that includes the following:

 A title slide

 An introduction slide

 One slide each per questions 1 through 5

 A conclusion/summary slide

 Reference slide

 At least 35 words minimum written APA 6th edition formatted explanation of the bullet

comments in the “Note” section of the slide, per each slide, starting from your introduction

through the conclusion/summary slides.



Kearns, P. (2009). Chapter 5: Are you mature enough for HR-business strategy? HR. Strategy. Creating Business Strategy with Human Capital, 2nd Ed. Butterworth Heinemann


Legace, M. (2006). What really drives your strategy? Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. Retrieved from http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5157.html

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