external locus of control



The purpose of this activity is for you to analyze and reflect upon your psychological health in relation to the stress you experience, by applying the concepts on stress, health, and coping learned in this course.


Complete the questionnaire below. This questionnaire measures the trait called locus of control, which is the extent to which a person believes s/he is in control of his/her life experiences.

Locus of Control Scale


After you have completed this questionnaire and studied the relevant sections in the textbook, respond to the following three sets of questions in a cohesive paper (that means everything fits together logically and flows from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph). Include brief introductory and closing paragraphs.

  1. Identify and categorize the three main stressors you are currently facing. Categories include cataclysmic events, conflicts, frustration, hassles, life changes, chronic stressors, and job stressors. How do you currently cope with the stress you are experiencing? What coping methods do you use, and are these methods emotion-focused or problem-focused? Are they adaptive or maladaptive?
  2. How does your personality contribute to your level of stress? What was your score on the Locus of Control Scale? Do you have more of an internal locus of control or more of an external locus of control? What factors in your upbringing shaped your locus of control? Do you have other personality traits that increase or decrease your level of stress, such as hostility, resiliency, and hardiness. (If you don’t know the definitions of these terms, look up psychological definitions online).
  3. What could you do to lessen the level of stress you are currently experiencing in your life and improve your psychological health? What are some specific psychological strategies, as discussed in your textbook, that you could apply? Make sure to use psychological terms in your response, and include a citation to the relevant section in the text.

Address each of these questions in a cohesive paper about 2 to 3 pages in length, with double spacing, 1-inch margins, and double spacing. Make sure to carefully proofread your paper, and run both a spell check and a grammar check.

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