external environment for opportunities and threats to a company

Examining the external environment for opportunities and threats to a company, brand, and product is an essential step in the development of a marketing strategy. As a new marketing associate with U Drive Transport, you are tasked with examining the global marketplace for expansion opportunities and threats.


Step 1. Use the template starting on page 2 to execute this task.



Step 2. To begin the process, choose one region of the world by visiting: http://www.state.gov/countries


Step 3. Choose one (1) country within your chosen region of the world. Locate one (1) major city center within your chosen country and examine the external marketing environment for opportunities and threats.


Step 4. Using Chapters 4 and 5 in the textbook to inform your understanding of the six factors of the external environment in the global marketplace, examine the opportunities and threats to the company, brand, and product of U Drive Transport in your chosen major city center. Be sure to use the marketing language found within Chapters 4 and 5 of your textbook to explain your findings.


Step 5. Based on the findings of your external environmental analysis, write a 500 word business memo to the owners of U Drive Transport discussing why the company should or should not consider expanding into the country you chose to examine. Be sure to use Chapter 5 of the textbook to inform your understanding of global marketing. Apply the marketing language in your writing. You must examine the external marketing environment before writing the business memo

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