Explain the typical growth pattern of microorganisms in food

1. (a) Differentiate between Total plate count and Most Probable Number.[ 5 marks]

(b) Explain why one of two in 1 a is purely a quality control measurement and not a true indicator of the microbial load.[ 5 marks]

( c) Explain differential staining. [ 5 marks]

(d) Explain the typical growth pattern of microorganisms in food. [ 5 marks]

2. (a) Define the term microorganisms. [ 5 marks]

(b) Give a brief explanation of the different types of microorganisms. [5 marks]

(c) Give the different sources of microorganisms in foods.[5 marks]
(d) Why are foods of animal origin more susceptible to microbial contamination than foods of plant origin? [ 5 marks]

3. (a) Explain “ Gram Staining”. [ 5 marks]

(b) Give examples of any two dangerous gram negative bacteria. [ 5 marks]

(c) Give example of any two useful gram positive bacteria. [ 5 marks]

4. (a) Explain sampling in microbiological analysis of food. [ 5 marks]

(b) Explain serial dilution? [ 5 marks]

(c ) What is the significance of gram positive bacterial in food processing? [ 5 marks]





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