Explain the steps in the testing of hypothesis in experimental psychology.

1.I. Explain the errors that can be made during hypothesis testing in experimental psychology.
ii. A psychologist was carrying out an experiment on the effects of strict supervision on employee performance at Daima Sacco. Two samples were randomly selected, that is the experimental and control sample. The workers in the control sample were supervised while those in the experimental sample were not supervised. The two samples were observed on the job and measures of their performance were taken and used to compute the following statistics:

Experimental sample(unsupervised)
Sample mean=116.4

Control sample(supervised)
Sample mean=105.2

Does supervision have any influence on employee job performance?

2. Citing relevant examples, describe the four scales of measurement used in experimental psychology measurements.

3.I) Describe the set of approaches used in the measurement of experimental data on both the dependent and independent variables.
ii) A random sample of 9 small mammals was drawn from a population of rats at a research facility in Kisumu. The daily mean food consumption in highly humid environments was 62.5gms with a standard deviation of 9gms. The general population of rats in the country had a mean food consumption figure of 50gms. The question arises whether the sample of 9 small mammals in Kisumu on average have higher consumption than that of the General population of the small mammals in the country

4.I) Describe the main methods adopted in experimental psychology.
ii) Explain the steps in the testing of hypothesis in experimental psychology.

5.I) Explain the steps and procedure in psychological experimentation.
ii) In light of the APA code of ethics, highlight the challenges that a psychologist is likely to experience when carrying out experiment involving human subjects.

6. Using appropriate symbols, describe any three single group designs that can be adopted in experimental psychology



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