explain the relationship between representatives and voters in your home country

Question descriptionMake sure you need to follow the documents question. It is easy to follow all question and answer it with your own opinion. Make sure I come from China, and use Chinese government to compare the US government.

The primary purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity for civic engagement and to help demonstrate the process of how to understand the links between a voter and their representative. This includes looking into how well that representative fits their own political positions.

I will not require that you write a letter to your home representative; however, with this assignment you will need to demonstrate a few points:

1) explain the relationship between representatives and voters in your home country: In answering this consider:

a. How you vote? What is the voting process – both at the national level and domestic level? Are local elections important?

b. How do you know who your representatives are and what their policy positions are – if you were to be civically engaged in your country how would you go about informing yourself on the information necessary to contact a representative

c. What form of civic engagement in common in your community? How responsive are representatives?

2) Compare the information you have above to what you have learned thus far about the US system. Here it might be helpful to look at a link to looking up representatives (type in the address of the Cal Poly Pomona).

◾ a. Does it seem easier or harder to become civically active in your country compared to the US? Explain the logic behind your answer.

◾ b. In what system does it seem more likely that voters contacting their representatives are more likely to be effective? While we haven’t covered all of these topics provide your first impression compared to what you know about your home country.

3) Provide a brief discussion on your own civic engagement. You do not need to get into specific issues but consider points like how you show support? Do you volunteer, do you share information about candidates and policy issues? Do you keep up with any legislative proceedings on issues that matter to you, if so how?

You must answer all three sections discussed above in your paper; however, each section does not require equal attention, some sections can be longer than others. Make sure that your discussion for each section does connect course material to your own experiences and opinions. In total your paper should be 3 to 3 ½ pages length (double spaced).

You will be graded on how well you demonstrate your understanding of how to become civically engaged in your country through each of the three sections outlined above. You should edit your paper carefully and each section should be in paragraph form with a clear introduction or topic sentence for the section you are answer rather than bullet points for each section or sub-question.

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