Explain how thymine dimmers are monomerized in the dark repair mechanism.

1. Explain how body colour affects survival of Biston betularia.
2. Illustrate bacterial conjugation using suitable diagrams.
3. In a genetics class of 100 students, 20% were found unable to taste PTC. assuming two alleles T and t, calculate genotypic and allelic frequencies.
4. Explain how thymine dimmers are monomerized in the dark repair mechanism.
5. Briefly explain any three ways of amalyzing variability.
6. Give any three evidence validating DNA as the genetic material.
7. Explain how one can determine the level of repetition of DNA fractions in eukaryotes.
8. Briefly describe mRNA splicing.
9. Explain uniparental inheritance of CO2 sensitivity in Drosophila.
10. Loop formation is a configuration adopted by chromosome to conform to the effects of inversion. Using an example, explain how loop formation occurs.





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