Explain five causes of aggression

1. a) Explain your own understanding of the term group dynamics.(2.5mks)
b) Explain the rationale behind the sturdy of group dynamics. (15mks)

2. Explain the five theoretical perspectives of group formation. (17.5)

3. Explain the process of group formation and development according to Galland John”s and Kolendyney model (1965) highlighting the role of the group leader at each stage of development. (17.5)

4. With the aid of clear examples, explain any six factors you will consider before setting up a group (17.5)

5. a) What is meant by group leadership. (2.5mks)
b) Explain any three leadership styles adopted in groups, clearly highlighting one merit and demerit of each style. (15mks)

6. a) What are group norms (2.5mks)
b) Discuss the importance of group norms (15mks)

7. a) Explain five causes of aggression. (5mks)
b) Discuss the effects of aggression on group processes. (12



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