EXP7-1: Human Memory: Retention and Retrieval Question Prompt

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Read and respond to the questions provided below under “Specific Question Prompt Instructions”. Your response must include references to the lecture, PowerPoint, and/or text to ensure you have studied the material before you begin applying the material. See the rubric for guidelines regarding the exact manner in which you should reference the material. Your response must be ONE page in length and must be written in essay style consisting of paragraphs. There is no need to refer to the question numbers in your response. See the rubric for guidelines on how you will be graded with regard to length. Find ONE article to support your answer to the questions, and refer to it ANYWHERE in your response and upload the article with your Word document. If you include a quotation, you must explain what your quotation means and why it is relevant. Refer to the rubric to see how you will be graded in reference to incorporating the article within the text of your response. Include a reference page in APA style for each submission. The articles must be 7 to 20 pages long, published within the last 10 years, and peer reviewed. See the rubric for specifics on how you will be graded.


  1. Submit a Word document via Canvas with your written response. You can keep the original DOC file. No other formats will be accepted.
    NOTE. Be sure to save your file as: EXP7-(LastName).(file extension) (e.g., EXP7-yourlastname.doc)
  2. One article in pdf format. No other format will be accepted. If your file cannot be read, you will not receive points. Links to the .pdf will not be accepted. You must download the article from the website in .pdf format and upload it to the link provided as only .pdf. The written portion of the assignment will be only accepted in .doc, or .docx formats.


Comparing Memory for Amnesic & Normal Individuals

Graf and Schacter (1985) conducted an experiment in which participants were shown pairs of unrelated words (e.g. “computer,” “building”). After the presentation of each word pair, they were told to construct a sentence that contained each word pair (“The office building contains 54 computers.”). Two tasks were then administered. In the first task, fragment completion (the first three letters for each word fragment was provided), participants were to fill in the blanks to complete the word (e.g. cog _ _ _ _ _ _ = cognitive). Some of these items were in fact from the word pairs shown earlier (participants were not told that their memory was being tested of the prior word pairs (hint, hint)). The second task was (cued) recall. Half of each pair is presented and the participant is to provide the other word from the pair (e.g., s/he was provided the word “computer” and his/her response should be “building”). For this task, participants did know their memory for the prior word pairs was being tested (hint, hint).

Here are the approximate percent correct for the various conditions:

SubjectCued RecallFragment Completion
Normal Subject68%34%
Amnesic Subject5%31%


Graf, P., & Schacter, D. L. (1985). Implicit and explicit memory for new associations in normal and amnesic subjects. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition11(3), 501.

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Please see attached article: Graf & Schacter 1985.pdf


  1. Interpret the results.
  2. Using concepts from the chapter on memory, provide some potential explanations for their results.
  3. Explain what implications these results have for the notion that individuals with anterograde amnesia cannot learn new information.
  4. Find an additional article to support your response.


CriteriaRatingsPoints Possible
Description of article in submissionTwo sentences refer to the article. One sentence distills the article into the main points in the student’s own words OR directly cites exact wording with quotations. The second sentence elaborates on why the article in important or what relevance the article has in the student’s own words. (3 pts)Only one sentence is provided. The sentence is direct quotes and does not fit well in the context of the paragraph. A second sentence is not provided which would describe what the quote means or why it is relevant. (1.5 pts)No sentences are included that refer to any article. (0 pts)3
Description of textbook or PPT in submissionThe student includes a sentence which specifies the location of the content, such as the page number of the book or the PowerPoint slide number or specified what Dr. Salnaitis spoke. The sentence also includes content that explains a concept or provides a definition. (3 pts)The content is described, but no reference is made to where the information came from. OR the source information is provided, but the definition is not adequate to understand the student’s meaning. (1.5 pts)No reference is made to the book or lecture. The student also proceeds to answer the question without describing the definitions or concepts needed to answer the question. These are left to be assumed by the reader. (0 pts)3
Length of SubmissionThe entire response takes between a full page to two full pages in length using double-spaced, 12 point font in times new roman. (3 pts)The answer is less than a page OR longer than two full pages. The font size and type may have been adjusted to increase or decrease the length of the response. (1.5 pts)The answer is only a few lines OR is more than 3 pages long. The font size and type clearly have been adjusted to increase or decrease the length of the response. (0 pts)3
ComprehensionThe response reflects clear understanding of the concepts and maximal effort to produce a meaningful response. (3 pts)The response is somewhat unclear and requires more elaboration to ensure full comprehension of the concept. Moderate effort is exhibited. (1.5 pts)The response reflects a failure to understand the concept and minimal effort. (0 pts)
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