Evaluate R. G. Collingwood''s view that "all history is history of thought "


1. a). What do you understand by the term
historical causality?
b). Illustrating your answer with historical examples ,explain any five aspects of causality in history.

2. a) . Differentiate between historical fact and truth.
b) . Outline and evaluate the relevance of any three theories of truth in history.

3. Evaluate R. G. Collingwood”s view that “all history is history of thought “.

4. Discuss the validity of the view that “in history facts do not speak for themselves, it is the historian who must make facts speak “.


5.Discuss the applicability of Toynbee”s challenge and response schema in historical thought.

6. Discuss the major issues involved in historical explanation.

7. “Every history is written fron a certain point of view and makes sence only from that point of view” W. H. Walsh. React to the validity of this statement.

8. “History is radically and viciously subjective”. Discuss.



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