environmental effects of manufacturing

In the modern business society, environmental awareness and sustainability are becoming important. Particularly, an increasing number of customers are tending towards practices that do not just involve cost saving but also environmentally sound. Firstly, environmental awareness refers to the act of understanding the vulnerability of the environment as well as the need of its protection (Liu et al., 2012). On the other hand, sustainability refers to the development practices that result in satisfying the current desires without interfering with the capacity of the future development practices to fulfil their mandate (Morelli, 2013). Nowadays, continuous innovation and technological advancement have contributed to organisations meeting environmental goals which make them more attractive to environmental cautious and price sensitive customers.
In Aviation industry, eco-efficiency optimises the benefits of the services as well as products offered and simultaneously reduces the diverse environmental effects of their manufacturing as well as operation. For instance, Airbus Group has harnessed the newest technology in designing its products. The company has achieved this by ensuring a high reduction in energy as well as water consumption other than just lowering the level of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Additionally, the industry has made strides in providing different types of services that are advantageous to both the environment as well as customers. This has been achieved by manufacturing fuel-efficient aircraft, correcting flaws in air traffic management and airline companies seeking fuel-consultancy services which result in cost saving in the airlines which are reflected in the low charges of flights (Airbusgroup, 2016). Low- fare charge airlines like easyJet as well as Ryanair have recorded tremendous improvement in the past two years through attracting more customers that are unable to afford expensive flights (Thomas, 2014).
Furthermore, technological advancements which are related to environments have attracted many consumers to the aviation industry. The main reason is that the technological advancement has resulted in increased efficiency and enhanced quality services that have led to a decline in the operation costs. According to ICAO Secretariat (2016), aircraft offers a fast, dependable mode of transport unlike other modes for the passengers travelling for long distances. The report adds that, for many years, technology advancements have been carried out in aviation industry particularly to aircraft as well as their engines to enable them become fuel efficient. For instance, the current aircraft are better by 15% regarding the fuel burn as well as have 40% lower




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