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As this is a capstone course, it is designed to not only expose you to the seminar

process but also to prepare you to produce your own research. Towards this end, you will be

expected to use course materials as well as outside sources to produce a 20-22 page research

paper which will be due during finals week While you are free to

pick your research question, given the topic of this seminar, your research question MUST

address an issue relating to explaining populist parties AND CANNOT draw entirely on the

experience of the United States. Please be advised that although this course is designed to expose

you to the research process, you are not expected to conduct primary research for this course,

although if the opportunity arises for you to do so, I am more than willing to assist in guiding your

project where possible. More information relating to expectations will be discussed in seminar.

Requirements: 12ATTACHMENTSannotated_bibliography.docxoutline.doctentative_research_question.pdfcultural_backlash_theory.pdflukemarchdaniel_2016_theradicalleftandimmi_europesradicalleftfro.pdf

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